Common questions answered...

What is Fantex?
Fantex is our patented antimicrobial formulation, extensively and independently tested with proven residual activity on textiles and surfaces.

What is Fantex effective against?

Fantex has broad-spectrum efficacy. For a summary of the various pathogens Fantex is effective against, please look at our Test Standards page. If you require, more detailed information, including test reports, please get in touch with us here and we’ll be happy to help.

What is the life cycle of each curtain?
Recommended hanging time for each curtain is 3-4 months in areas of normal usage and infection risk e.g. outpatients and maternity. Hanging times should be reduced in areas where usage levels or infection risk may adversely impact the product e.g. A&E, ICU.

Curtains that are visibly soiled or stained during use should be replaced.

Do I have to do anything to maintain the curtains?
The curtains are a single use disposable item and must not be laundered or reused. Due to the protection of Fantex, the curtains do not need to be cleaned throughout their life and should not come into contact with cleaning agents as these may damage the performance of the product.

Due to the protection of Fantex, disposable curtains do not need to be cleaned throughout their lifetime. Instead they should be replaced in accordance with infection prevention control policy or when visibly soiled or stained.

I’m interested in ordering disposable cubicle curtains/blinds but I am not sure what size or hooks I need.
No problem! All curtain sizes are available here for you to measure yourself, and our hook page explains the different hook types we have available. If you require further assistance, or would like to arrange for one of our team to come and measure up for you, please contact us and we will be in touch to discuss this with you shortly.

I have previously placed an order with you for disposable curtains/blinds and would like to reorder, but I’m not sure which sizes/colours/hooks I need.
All our curtains and blinds now come with reorder codes on the labels to enable you to easily replace repeat orders. However, if you are unable to check this, please contact us, letting us know your institution’s address (including ward, if appropriate) and we will do our best to help.

How long does delivery take?
Generally, we are able to deliver within 48 hours of your order being placed. However, at times of high demand, this may take slightly longer. We will keep you informed if we foresee any delays with your order.

Help! I have run out of curtain stock and need some more urgently.
We keep a variety of different stock in our warehouse to manage emergencies. Please call us on 01902 798064 and we will do our utmost to assist.

What size box are the disposable curtains shipped in?
The box dimensions are 103 x 160 x 410 mm (L x W x H). Box capacity varies according to curtain size and bespoke options, but generally each box contains:

Large curtains – 5 per box
Standard curtains – 8 per box
Medium curtains – 10 per box
Small curtains – 15 per box

Mesh curtain box quantity differs and is usually:

Large curtains – 4 per box
Standard curtains – 6 per box
Medium curtains – 8 per box
Small curtains – 12 per box